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BuzzVestor Media can cover the news and analysis impacting your industry through bespoke branded content solutions. From features, reports, surveys, news stories to case studies, we can help you target your audience effectively.

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Higher yields and transparency boosting family office allocations to private debt

Family offices are increasing their allocation to private debt, according to a new survey from Aeon Investments, a London-based credit-focused investment company....

Wealth managers: your intuition about your clients could be off, says new research

Too many wealth managers rely on intuition to determine client psychological profiles, Oxford Risk research shows New European research...

Pension funds switch investments to hedge against inflation

83% of pension fund managers expect inflation to increase over the next 12 monthsAlmost all (98%) pension fund managers believe their schemes...

Alternative fund managers: it might be time to brush up on your Italian

More of Italy's pension funds will follow the footsteps of Foncer, Fondo Gamma Plastica, Fopen, Fondo Pensione Complementare Pegaso and Previmoda by...

M&A spikes as uncertainty remains

By Victor Basta, Co-Head, DAI Magister Over the last few months, we’re seeing more and more buyers ‘show...