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BuzzVestor Media can cover the news and analysis impacting your industry through bespoke branded content solutions. From features, reports, surveys, news stories to case studies, we can help you target your audience effectively.

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NFT “rug pull” scam caught on video

NFT adoption in the corporate blockchain could come to a halt if more "rug pull" scams arise. In a Sifted article, Demetris...

Crossborder M&A to shrink 80% by 2030

"If a portfolio manager teleported from 2020 into 2030, they would most likely not recognise their industry."

The Pallo Backstory: The Freelancers That Launched An App To Fix Their Biggest Problem

I came across a fintech startup called Pallo over on Product Hunt. It wasn’t just the product that intrigued me, but the...

Private equity preps for greater SEC scrutiny on fees and LP side letters

Industry experts estimate that investors pay private equity and hedge funds more than $250 billion a year in fees and expenses, which...

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