Zoom: is now the right time to invest in this ‘happy’ stock?

Cisco, Facetime, these are the old favorites in the video conferencing space. Now Zoom, a new kid on the block, has taken the market by storm with an IPO earlier this year.

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan’s mission of keeping customers happy with easy-to-use tech on multiple devices is helping the business reach a wide range of customers

The stock has had a bumpy ride over the summer, but the growth trajectory and financials show a long-term growth plan that’s achievable. Why? Its easy-to-use interface attracts customers ranging from Millenials to Managing Directors. It can be used on multiple devices. And a video camera security glitch for Mac users was fixed. So, while it hasn’t been perfect, CEO Eric Yuan, has one mission: to make customers happy. Keep an eye on this stock. It may be too early to tell if the price will drop further over this autumn, and if it does, it may be an opportunity to consider this stock during unrelated stock market fluctuations that inadvertently impact the stock price.

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Zoom Video CEO says video segment will be a $43 billion market by 2022

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