Private equity firms are divided on the stability and growth trajectory of China-based portfolio company investments. Uncertainty is ruling this space, but General Atlantic CEO Bill Ford remains positive and is looking at China long-term. About 55% of General Atlantic’s portfolio is invested outside the United States, with about 10% in China, reports CNBC.

With 18 portfolio companies in China, out of a global portfolio of 112, CEO Bill Ford outlines in this report the risk of a global recession, why he’s a little less worried about it now than he was at the beginning of the summer and what the firm is doing to navigate the risk — including by continuing to invest in China.

Outside of China, the private equity firm is also looking at opportunities in the US, Brazil, India and Indonesia.

Why this $35 billion private equity firm is still bullish on China – despite the trade war

Despite the trade war, General Atlantic, a $35 billion private equity firm, is committed to investing in China, forecasting, long-term, 5% to 6% growth there. According to General Atlantic CEO Bill Ford, when it comes to innovation, China increasingly gives the U.S. a run for its money.